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Website Design For Natural Health Practitioners

Not every health practitioner is the same, so we offer four website plans to suit your needs and budget. 


Direct Response Copywriting That Sells

Don't have the time to write your website copy, sales page, or Facebook ad? No problem. Sprout Your Practice can write  

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Your Online Course

Want to build your online course to generate re-occurring income, but not sure where to start? Glad to see you Sprout'ing!

Your website with Sprout Your Practice includes a full course platform integration. This means, that you won't be paying a third party provider a percentage of your sales or a fixed rate per user (like Udemy or Teachable). Essentially, you'll keep every dollar in your pocket for maximum profits.

Start by booking a Build Your Course Consultation. We'll go over your course ideas and create a plan for the modulescourse contentstrategy to launch and course pricing. A week after the call, you'll be presented with a Course Proposal with all details to get you started!

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the process of optimizing various metrics & copy on your website to increase the chances of being found by your potential patients and customers via online searches such as Google.

Coming Soon!


What practitioners say about the business help received from Sprout

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-Sharon Cusack


Kinga has been invaluable to my practice, marketing & business growth.

Dean Sileo Natural Health Practitioner at Sileo Wellness

-Dean Sileo


This is an amazing process and you have so many great (marketing & execution) ideas!

You really help stir up ideas for me and it’s really great to see the ways my business can grow with my website funnel!!

Thank you!


-Angela Baran


Kinga was prompt and very efficient. She sent a very helpful, do it yourself, video once she finished the updates to my website.

I did not expect that, but it was super helpful in giving me the ability to handle minor website adjustments in the future. Very impressed.”

Middle aged practitioner from Alberta Canada with shot hair wearing glasses

-Danielle Churchill


Thank you so much for the scripts and coaching! 

We got a total of 20 treatments booked from the last marketing campaign! 

Things are looking up! THANK YOU!


Shop Digital Downloads for your natural health practice

Our top 3 sellers that most natural health practitioners need to have in their practice. These and many more marketing templates are available FREE with our 6 Week Content Creation & Marketing Course:

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General Liability Form For Massage Or Deep Tissue Therapy

Overall Rating: 4/5

Protect your business. By having a signed liability waiver, patients or customers acknowledge any potential risks by the services your natural health practice provides.

By signing a general liability, the patient or customer agrees to remove legal liability from the business owner or company.

This is why it's best practice to have a signed liability form before working with them.


Stack of patient history forms with right top corner bent upwards

New Patients Case History Form

Overall Rating: 3/5

The primary goal of obtaining a medical history from the patient is to understand the state of health of the patient further and to determine within the history is related to any acute complaints to direct you toward a diagnosis.


Screen shot of Dean Sileos home page website created by SproutYourPractice

How To Write An About Section On Your Website That Attracts the Right Patients

Overall Rating: 5/5

Your About page is a valuable digital asset and one of your website's most frequently visited pages. Anyone visiting your site for the first time will want to discover more about the company and head to the About page to learn.


About Us

Just like many natural health practitioners, my journey started with taking better care of myself using a holistic approach. Naturally, I combed the internet for remedies and information. The search also led me to courses. After meeting many like-minded practitioners, I realized they all struggled in their natural health practice. They all had three things in common that kept them from achieving financial success:

  1. Business Mindset
  2. How to Structure Patient Consultations For Profit and
  3. Website Copy that sells your products and services

After helping a few practitioners sprout their practice with much success, Sprout Your Practice was born. My goal is to help natural health practitioners - like YOU - create a successful website and a thriving practice.

This way, we all can reach the goal of helping others much faster. Changing the world, one patient at a time.

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kinga mroz

Practitioner Helper extra·ordi·narie


What digital marketing services do you offer?

We offer the following services specially geared towards natural health practitioners that include:

Do you work with small businesses?

Yes. Sprout Your Practice specializes in working with small businesses in the natural health field.

What makes Sprout Your Practice different?

At Sprout, you'll receive a very catered experience from start to finish. We understand that most natural health practitioners do not have a business degree and would much rather spend their time helping patients than learn how to build websites or create social media ads. No matter what service you choose with us, you'll be included in the decision-making decisions through every step. The work we do is clear and transparent. We also limit the number of clients we work with so we can deliver the best possible results.

We do not charge for meetings so you won't receive a huge invoice for unneeded billable hours.

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