One of the most important aspects of your business.

What is Copy

Copy is the unique text you write to promote a product or service with the intent to inspire action from a potential customer which in turn converts leads to sales. In a nutshell, it's how you use to sell your offer through words. 

What Is direct response copywriting vs Any Other Form Of Advertising or website content

In a nut shell, direct response copywriting are all the words used on a website, advertisement, landing page or anything that's used to promote services or products that you're selling.  This goes for online & offline content. This includes:

  • Catchy headlines
  • Consumer driven outcomes
  • Overcoming objections
  • Writing in terms of benefits vs. features
  • Creating guarantees
  •  Crystal. clear call to actions

The #1 Rule Of Direct Response Copywriting

If your copy is confusing, your customers will NEVER purchase anything you're trying to sell - even if the product of service will make a huge positive difference in their lives.

Note: A confused mind never buys

Why Use direct response copywriting

Everyone that sells products or services must use a direct response copywriter (or write like one), if they want to help their patients and achieve great profits! When to hire a copywriter?

Strapped for time

You don't have the time to learn copywriting and want someone to do it for you.

Don't like writing

You just don't like doing research or writing.

Maximum sales

You want to make maximum profits from your products or services without answering a slew of questions from customers.

What Copywriting Services Do You Offer?

  • Brochures
  • Business Cards (direct response)
  • Email Campaigns
  • Lead Magnets
  • Marketing Funnels
  • Print Ads
  • Product Descriptions
  • Sales Letters
  • Sales Pages
  • Social Media Ads
  • Video Scripts
  • Website Copy

The #1 Copywriting TIP

Survey Your Audience

During one of the conferences I attended, I remember catching Bill Glazer & his wife Karen at an after party event. I took this opportunity to ask an important question:

"Bill, what is the one piece of marketing advice you can give me that'll make the most impact on a business"

He laughed and answered:

"Kinga, that's easy! Thought you'd ask me something harder. Here it is, are you ready? The secret is to ask you customers what they want & then give it to them!"

Simple, yet brilliant. If you have a client database, we'll include a complimentary send out a survey to ask them what they want!

So, If you have a client database, we'll include a complimentary send out a survey to ask them what they want! Perhaps there is a product of service your patients really want, but never told you. This is something so many natural health practitioners overlook.

Image of Bill Glazer (the best copywriter in the USA) his wife Karen and Kinga Mroz the owner of Sprout Your Practice

Ask your customers what they want & give it to them.


Who Are The Best direct response copywriters & who did you learn from

There are a few amazing direct response copywriters who really know their stuff.

Learned from Dan Kennedy & Bill Glazer by attending conferences & private coaching groups.

Direct Response Copy Pros & Cons

Here's why direct response rules:


  • Clearly explains your potential client what you offer
  • Clearly explains your potential client why they need to buy it
  • Uses your clients verbiage to describe the problems they want solved so they feel like you "got them"
  • Addresses objections that would hinder a potential client to purchase
  • Creates an urgency to purchase

  • Is clear & direct about how to purchase 
    your product or service
  •  The content is unique and written in your voice


  • Content that you hope & pray will get you a sale

Your Website & Direct Response Copy Launched in

6 Weeks!

Graphic showing the breakdown of work in a 6 week time to create copy for your website

The Process of working with a Direct response copywriter

step 1

Book a Direct Response Copywriting Consultation

We'll talk about what you need written and find areas for improvement. Within 2 weeks, you'll be sent a proposal for work.

step 2

Let's Do It!

Once you receive the proposal and decide to go ahead we require a 50% deposit to commence the work. We'll meet online and I'll ask you a lot of questions about your product of service and then I get to work.

step 3

Done For You

Before you see your first draft, we do all the research & cost analysis of your competition.



Check what our clients say about our direct response copywriting services

Women with grey short hair and blue eyes smiling at camera with yellow background

I have had the privilege of working with Kinga in the design of my website. As I continued to build on my copy the depth of her skills within the copywriting space became more and more evident. She has been invaluable to my practice, my marketing and my growth.

I struggled with the copywriting job for about a month before I came to the realization just how time consuming it was. What I was attempting to get across, wasn't coming together on paper. So I hired Kinga.

The approach was so simple! Her guidance & skilled interviewing process prior to starting on the copy, clarified my vision and three days later, she brought it together beautifully. DONE! That's super fast! More importantly, it freed my time to focus on my business rather than struggling with the copy.

Kinga's approach is much more hands on, than my previous experience with a copywriter. Most copywriters are not available to speak to directly & handed off the work to their assistants; felt really impersonal. Working with Kinga on copy has been a fabulous experience. Her level of expertise through her copy writing skills is precisely what I needed to create and market my courses & services online. Her skills are multidimensional, her knowledge in-depth and her quick turnaround has made this an amazing experience.

My motto is to hire the professionals to get the job done right! My time has been much better spent on tweaking the copy than creating it from scratch. Thank you KInga!

Sharon Cusack

doctress of detox

Middle aged practitioner from Alberta Canada with short hair and glasses

You are amazing, thank you. Everything looks great and needs no edits.  You wrote an amazing copy. I love it.

Great job.  Thank you for everything!

Danielle Churchill

beyond belief mind & body healing

Dean Sileo Natural Health Practitioner at Sileo Wellness

Writing copy takes time and effort, I attempted to write the website copy myself

But, trying to fit that in my already busy schedule was difficult to start let alone keep going. I struggled with this for 12 months so I knew I needed help to get this project finished. So I hired Kinga.

The first draft was ready in 3 days. It was super fast! Honestly, I was blown away! It was really great and she did such an amazing job. 

I said to myself, "wow, my website is going to be awesome!".

Kinga made the whole experience as easy as possible for me! If there was something that needed to be changed she was quick to respond and make the changes!

Honestly, the best decision I made in redoing my website working with Kinga! Her attention to detail and timely responses, with any issue I may have had or correction I wanted to do. She is very patient and was very helpful throughout the process. I am really happy with the results. I will definitely have Kinga help me keep my site updated. I strongly recommend Kinga! She will far exceed your expectations!

Dean Sileo

sileo wellness

Recent Copywriting Projects

The most recent projects we worked on:

  • Service Page: Doctress of Detox recently added a service to her website for women who wanted to explant their implants.
  • Full Website: Created all the website copy for Dean Sileo Wellness.
  • Individual: Restructured Angels rates on her website that clearly explains what New Vision Health offers.
  • Individual: Danielle Churchill from Beyond Belief Mind & Body Healing wrote a chapter in a book called, The Art of Healing. We added this to her website with a link to purchase directly from her.





For anyone needing a single one-off project written.

$449/ hr

Prices in USD

Service Page



For anyone needing to add a single additional service to their website.

$800/ service page

Prices in USD

Full Website



or anyone looking for a revamp or a brand new website.

Includes: Home, About, Contact & 3 Services or Product Pages.

What else is included:

  • Keyword Research to help each page rank
  • Each page SEO optimized

What Else Is Included:

  • Keyword Research To Help Each Page Rank
  • Each Page SEO Optimized
  • Metadata Description Optimized
  • Over 300 Words Per Page
  • Offer Crafted for each service

    $5,300/ Full Website

Prices in USD


What  is included in the $299 USD fee for the Copywriting Discovery Call?

The Copywriting Discovery Call is a way to give you insights about your copy; new or existing.

This 45 min online call is for Practitioners who need help with their website copy, sales page copy or any type of copy. During this call we’ll:

  • Ask you questions about your product or service you need copy written for
  • Based on your answers write we write your copy
  • Once ready, you’ll receive a Word link to your copy & a .pdf showing how everything is laid out
  • If any changes are required, mark up the Word document & I’ll update

If I decide to go ahead with the project can you deduct the $299 fee for the Copywriting Discovery Call?

Absolutely! Your course proposal includes an estimate for the copywriting you need and we'll deduct the Copywriting Discovery Call fee from this total.

What will my Copywriting Proposal include and how soon will I get it after the Discovery Call?

Your Copywriting Proposal, will be ready within 2 weeks of your Course Discovery Call. It includes: 

  • Existing Copy: You'll get actionable steps to fix your existing copy to give you maximum profits.
  • New Copy: You'll get insights how to write the direct response copy so your website is launched with the best strategies to get you maximum profits.

What kind of copy can you write?

We've written:

  • Website copy
  • Sales Page copy
  • Proposals
  • Advertising Online Copy (Facebook, Instagram)
  • Advertising Offline Copy (Postcards, Sale Brochures)

What are your approximate fees for writing direct response copy for me?

These are approximate costs, your proposal will include an accurate quote.

For website copy that includes:

  • Home Page
  • About Page
  • Up to Three Services Pages
  • Contact page

Approx. $4,999 USD

For sales page copy:

  • Short Sales Page
  • Long Sales Page

Approx. $700 USD

Individual projects like:

  • Brochure

Approx. $349/hr USD

What are your thoughts about AI copy generators or templates for copywriting?

For anyone that has zero experience with copywriting and would like to try doing this on their own, they are definitely a great starting point.

If you clearly know your business direction the AI will give you ideas to bounce off. Personally, I've used those for Blog Post ideas.

... BUT if you want the best copy possible that'll give you a great return is it hire someone with a few copywriting skills. 

How many revisions do I have?

Once your copy is ready, we'll send you and email to schedule a meeting. Once you had a chance to review it, we'll meet online to go over it together. You have a total of three revisions. 

What is your payment schedule like?

Once you receive your Copywriting Proposal we'll require a

  • 50% deposit to start the work (payment due right away)
  • 50% once all the copy is completed

They say About our direct response copywriting services

Graphic showing a Video Testimonial of Middle Aged man wearing a blue shirt on a green background

Having Sprout write my website copy was night & day. If I was writing it myself we'd still be starting. It's awesome.

Now that it's done, its a big relief because it would be another thing that just didn't get done. We'd still be at square one - I guarantee it.

I'd rather use my time to concentrate on my German New Medicine studies. Having this written was a huge relief.

What we have right now is amazing and it blows my previous website & website copy out of the water. Before I had just had the baby starter.

Dean Sileo - Sileo Wellness - Buford, GA, USA

Direct Response Copywriting Consultation

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