Our Mission Statement

Above all, the goal is to help practitioners - like YOU - create a successful website and a thriving natural health practice.

This way, we all can reach the goal of helping others much faster. Changing the world, one patient at a time.

Our Approach To Sprout Your Practice

Of course, majority of our clients are natural health practitioners that completed various courses and decided to open their own practice. They believe all they need is a website to have a successful business. Unfortunately, it's not that simple and this is where we step in. We aid to identify your short & long term goals for your business & your life. Based on your goals, we create a structure for your practice with five elements in mind.

Another key point, is that with the right guidance, I'm confident we can sprout your practice so you can help as many people as possible - one patient at a time while making money.

Graphic showing our approach to help your natural health practice succeed

We create a website that is user friendly, gives a great user experience, loads fast, is keyword optimized with lots of room to grow. So by comparison, you won't have to recreate a new one in a few years.


We aid you craft amazing copy (the words on your website) that your patients understand & actually book your services and buy your products.


We aid in helping you place your knowledge online & create courses so you can help more people in less time while making residual income.


We provide one on one business mentoring. Giving you real tactics & strategies that help you grow your business to the next level. 

Your Helping Hand in Monthly Business Tasks

We provide monthly support to aid in business tasks you just don't want to do. 

Professional & Friendly

We're professional & friendly though the whole process. When you succeed, so do we!

How Sprout Your Practice Came to Be

Surely, like many of you my journey started with taking one of the certifications at Braveheart Nation formerly knows as the ITIOH (International Training Institute of Health).

Initially, I took the Whole Life Coach Certification & later Wolfe Non-Surgical Certification. Wanted to share the new found knowledge with the world and empower my Family & Friends to take their health back into their hands. 

At the courses, I met many practitioners that really struggled to open their natural health practice, let alone a profit positive. So instead of opening a natural health practice myself, Sprout Your Practice was born.

In other words, I help practitioners, like you create a website funnel and a thriving practice.

Kinga's Natural Health Journey

Wolfe Non Surgical Certification

May 2019

When I discovered that scar tissue & crystalization may be the culprit for my  body aches & pains, I had to learn this technique.

Thermography Tech

September 2021

Took a week long course at the Thermography Center of Dallas to learn everything about Thermography.  Worked as a Thermography Tech at Braveheart nation in Ixtapa Mexico.

Cell Sonic Tech

November 2021

Worked as a Cell Sonic Tech at the Braveheart Nation formally known as the  International Institute of Training (ITIOH).

Sprout Your Practice


Today, I help practitioners like you to create a successful natural health practice.

Our SEO To Help Your Website Rank (So patients can actually find you on the internet!)

Many practitioners ask if their website is fully SEO'd when we launch. Of course, if anyone ever promises this, you may need to ask more questions to ensure the information is accurate (hint: most of the time it's not). Why? All things considered, SEO and holistic SEO at that, is long term game not a short term sprint. Once the website is live you'll need to add quality content on a regular basis that your audience is interested in and are searching for answers. As a matter of fact, Sprout Your Practice aids you to develop a long term strategy to aid with ranking. We implement various tools (some paid & some free) to help your website SEO.

Kinga Mroz successfully completed the SEO copywriting course!
SEO Copywriting Certified

Need awesome copy on your website, landing page or blog post(s) that are written with direct response copy in mind and optimized for ranking in search engines? Who doesn't! Now we can kill two birds with one stone: Write in a language with our customers in mind and climb the rankings!

Kinga Dyrda successfully completed the SEO for beginners course!
SEO For Beginners Certified

If you don't want to invest a lot of time doing long-term SEO, but looking for small, easy-to-implement wins to aid to to rank in Google, Bing, or Yahoo.

Kinga Mroz successfully completed the International SEO course!
Multilingual SEO Certified

Are you a practitioner that travels frequently? Do you offer your courses & therapies worldwide? Your website needs to be properly set up & managed with this in mind. It needs to properly target  your customers (patients or clients) in different languages and regions. This way, Google finds you & shows your website to the right customers.

Kinga Dyrda successfully completed the Site structure course!
Site Structure Certified

A clear site structure benefits your patients, has a direct impact on your SEO, and gives your business a clear direction of what you're offering.

Sprout Your Practice can give you key improvements to improve your site structure to existing site.

Or hit the ground running and get ahead of your competition by creating a brand new website with the best tactics!

Kinga Mroz successfully completed the Yoast SEO for WordPress course!
Yoast SEO Certified

To help you rank, Sprout Your Practice may suggest adding an additional plugin to your WordPress website. Kinga is Yoast SEO for WordPress certified to get you up, running & ranking to your full potential in to time.

Kinga Dyrda successfully completed the Local SEO course!
Local SEO Certified

Ensure your website is created with local SEO in mind. This includes practitioners that have a single location or multiple locations. You want to ensure your practice is found of Google!