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How To Increase Website Sales Using Email Marketing & ConvertKit

So you have a website for your natural health practice. Now how can you make money selling your products and services online?
There’s many ways but today we’ll concentrate on sprouting your practice using email marketing & building an email list!

How To Increase Website Sales Using Email Marketing ConvertKit


Now, if you’re thinking:

"Kinga! I have a healthy following on Instagram and many people like my Facebook page. To top it off, I get hundreds of people watching videos I post, so I don’t think I really need an email list! Right?
Screen shot of myspace login portal

Remember My Space? Yup, neither do I. Glad I didn't have a following on that social media platform.

Jokes aside, here are 4 points on why you need to build an email list to grow your natural health practice and increase the sales in your natural health practice:

Ownership & Control  

If you say something on a social media platform, and get reported your account may be blocked. That means you’re also cut off from the audience. Good luck speaking to customer support and regaining access. It just won’t happen.


An email list you own, the people that like & follow your social media you don’t. You can freely communicate with your email list without fear of being blocked; if someone disapproves, they simply unsubscribe.

Direct Communication

You're not at the mercy of platform changes or algorithms that could suddenly decrease your visibility. According to the local marketing institute on average a Facebook post will reach about 16% of your fans.

Infographic showing the percentage Facebook shows your posts to the people that like your page
If 10,000 people follow you on FaceBook, your post will not go to 10,000 people but 1,600.

Unlike social media platforms or search engines, where algorithms can limit your reach, email gives you direct access to your audience' inbox.

More importantly, the people on your list are your people, otherwise, they wouldn’t sign up in the first place. Use social media to reach your audience & strategically drive traffic to your website & get them to sign up for your list, but don’t solemnly depend on social media to drive sales.

How To Increase Website Sales Using Email Marketing ConvertKit Higher Conversion Rates With Email Marketing

According to Email Tool Tester, email marketing is known for having a high return on investment (ROI) and can drive sales more effectively than social media. Use an incentive for website visitors to sign up for your newsletter or lead magnet and use email marketing to develop a relationship and with time sell the products and services you have on your website. 

Graphic showing email marketing has higher conversion rates than social media

In other words, by using email marketing vs social media, you can increase your sales! People who have opted to join your email list have already shown interest in your offerings or services, making them more likely to convert into customers. On top of that, if your products and services were great the chances on them re-purchasing are much higher.

What this means is that you don’t have to constantly look for new customers, the ones you already have will support you.

How To Increase Website Sales Using Email Marketing ConvertKit Increase Sales via Targeted Messaging

Email marketing allows for targeted and personalized communication with customers and leads, increasing the likelihood of conversion. I’ll go into that in a bit more detail in a second.

Ok, I need to start an email list To Increase website sales but where do i start?!

Hopefully I swayed you over. So now what? Well you have two options:

Graphic showing intense labour by doing manual work vs convertkit for email marketing

Manual Labour Using Excel or Google Sheets

Every time someone opts into to your newsletter or your lead magnet through your website, you can collect the information and manually input it into a spreadsheet.

How To Increase Website Sales Using Email Marketing ConvertKit Get ConvertKit To Increase Website Sales For Email Marketing

Get ConvertKit & save yourself the time and headaches to keep the list up-to-date, current & organized ready to get whenever you’re ready to send an email blast or email sequence.

Is ConvertKit Truly The Best Email Marketing Option?

Before we start I’d like to say that in the past I used Active Campaign, Mailchimp & KEAP (formally known as INFUSION SOFT which got nick-named to confusion because you needed a coding degree to use it).

By far, ConvertKit was my absolute favorite. After trying three other playforms, I loved them so much that I became their affiliate. Here’s why:


Best try it before you buy it policy

The Newsletter Plan is 100% Free until you reach 10,000 subscribers (used to be 500).

This is amazing for anyone starting to build an email list that wants to keep costs as low as possible. Unlike other software, CovertKit doesn't request a credit card to start a free trial.

Easy-to-use interface so you’re not learning new software for weeks before you get going!

Image of Nathan Berry looking directly at the camera

Nathan Berry, the founder of ConvertKit was a designer and used his knowledge to create an amazing and super easy-to-use interface.

This means that things are easy to find and intuitive so you’re not digging around for days trying to make a change.

Send Unlimited Email Broadcast: ConvertKit

Send as many email broadcasts as you wish. You want to notify your audience you’re doing a free Q&A on Facebook? Crete a new email broadcast, add the information to your Q&A like the date/time, select the segmented list and done! Have a sale on your products? Did two spots become available for your online training you want to fill ASAP? Same process. Easy peasy.

Graphic showing three ways to use email broadcast

Easy to Understand Dashboard: ConvertKit

Gives you a quick Birdseye view of new and old subscribers so you can easily see your growth.

Actual Dashboard from convertkit showing subscriber growth

Unlimited Opt-In Forms: ConvertKit

You can create as many forms as your heart desires. In April 2024 there are 9 templates you can use to get started. With time I’m sure you’ll have more. There are 4 options for form placement on your website which include incline, modal, slide in or sticky bar.

Easy to customize to make the form look cohesive with your website brand, looks professionally designed it and its easy to add to to your website.

Three examples of Optin Forms from simple to advanced

Unlimited Landing Pages: ConvertKit

You can also create as many landing pages in ConvertKit. I won’t spend too much time here because I create landing pages in WordPress and have full control over:

  • Design
  • SEO - Search Engine Optimization
  • URL
  • Focus keyphrase
  • Readability Score
  • Internal linking &
  • Metadata descriptions.

So I don’t use this feature too much, but if you don’t have a website created by sprout your practice quite yet you can use this feature to get started.

Tagging & Segmentation: ConvertKit

Let’s say your natural health care practice offers the following on the website:

  •  Health products
  • Nutritional consultation
  • Course

When someone subscribes, they can choose their interests which creates a specific tag for your customer in Convert-Kit. So if Joe is only interested in health products, those are the only emails he’ll get.


The benefit for you is that he’s more likely to stay engaged and decrease the odds of potentially unsubscribing because he’s getting emails with the content he specifically asked for.

Visual Automation: ConvertKit

Your free account also includes one basic visual automation. Which is a one-path email funnel that automatically tags subscribers and starts an email sequence. So when someone subscribes, to your newsletters, an email goes out on autopilot. You can customize which day of the of the week the email goes out and even the hour. Everything will run like a Swiss watch.

Automation example using ConvertKit

Email Sequence: ConvertKit

Your free account also includes one email sequence. These are a series of emails that get sent out automatically in a specific order. The great thing about sequences is that you do it once and that’s it. When someone subscribes to a sequence all emails get sent out as new subscribers opt in on different days.


Increase Website Sales Using Email Marketing With Subject line A/B Testing

Ever heard of a/b testing? Convert-Kit allows you to test two different subject lines with your subscribers to see which one entices subscribers to open emails over the other.

Two emails with the same content were sent out. The difference was the subject line. Email A was opened over B as it had the person's name in the subject line. Moving forward, I'll be sending email A.

FREE Template Library: ConvertKit

ConvertKit offers a library of FREE predesigned templates you can customize. This means your emails will look professionally designed and are cohesive with your brand.

The free newsletter plan offers less templates, but its all you need to get started. Those are the only ones I used.


Great customer service: ConvertKit

If you’re stuck, online chat is available. Great help. I’ve tested this by asking silly to advanced questions to see how they respond and how fast.

As an added bonus, the conversation from online chat is sent to your email for quick and easy reference.


No Extra Fees For Advanced Options: ConvertKit

All the options we discussed are available with your free newsletter plan. That’s amazing! By far, this is the best email marketing (& automation) software on the market. They have the best price (can’t beat free), the advanced options like list segmentation & tagging are included, plus you get one free automation & one email sequence.

Believe it or not, others charge extra for list segmentation or limit the number of tags you can use…and that sucks. These little extra charges can drive your monthly subscription through the roof!

BUT with ConvettKit you can enjoy these perks until you reach 10,000 subscribers, no fine print, no credit card required, no complicated plans.

To top it off, this is not free for a week or a month like many email marketing competitors. Other companies also offer free plans but put a limit on it so be sure to read the fine print.


How Much Does ConvertKit Cost After I reach 10,001 subscribers?

Once you reach 10,001 subscribers, you’ll be bumped to the Creator plan which gives unlimited access to visual automations and unlimited email sequences.


Option 1: Yearly Subscription


Once you reach 1,001 subscribers, ConvertKit will cost you a yearly fee of $100/month USD.

Option 2: Monthly Subscription - Pay As You Go

Once you reach 1,001 subscribers, ConvertKit will cost you a monthly fee of $119/month.


What Do Competitors Charge for 10,000 Subscribers in Comparison to ConvertKit?

Heres what other email marketing/automation companies are charging for a similar plan with 10,000 subscribers:

Mailchimp $135/month (Standard Monthly Plan)

ActiveCampaign $139/month (Lite Monthly Plan)

Keap $399/month (Pro Monthly Plan)

Use My Affiliate Link To Sign Up For ConvertKit & Receive  5 Amazing Done 4 U Bonuses 10 6 Left

If you decide to try out ConvertKit and use my affiliate link to sing up, I have a few amazing bonuses for you. 

Three hand drawn yellow arrows with black borders pointing down

Bonus #1: Opt-in Form & Copy


Sprout Your Practice will create your opt-in form & write your form copy, to entice website visitors to sign up!


Bonus #2: Email Template & Copy


Sprout Your Practice will create a custom email template to reflect your brand & write your the email copy in ConvertKit, so you don't have to write it & set it up yourself.


Bonus #3: Custom Email Address

Using Microsoft Office for your business email? We’ll setup new email address so all emails are not linked to your primary business acccount. This way, everything is nicely organized. Normally adding a new email address costs $6-$12.50 depending on your plan, but it won’t cost you a penny more.


Graphic showing to set up a separate email address for ConvertKit vs using your regular business email

Bonus #4 – We’ll Setup Your Basic Automation!

Got your website created by Sprout Your Practice? We’ll set up the basic automation in ConvertKit and connect everything together with your website. So all you have to do is sit back hear that swiss watch tick!

VALUE $350

Graphic showing a basic email set up

Bonus #5– Strategy Call

I’ll also include a 30 minute call & craft your special offer to help you maximize a sale.

VALUE $175

Graphic showing a head with a brain with sings around that say good plan idea strategy yes
Red hand drawn arrow pointing right


Red hand drawn arrow pointing left

What to do to Do

1) Sign up for ConvertKit using the button below:

Three hand drawn yellow arrows with black borders pointing down

2) If you go to and sign up that way, you’ll still have an amazing product just not the bonuses or my help to get you up and running.

3) Send me proof of payment to

How To Increase Website Sales Using Email Marketing Summary

Building an email list is a fundamental strategy for your natural health practice looking to succeed in today's digital landscape. When it comes to managing and nurturing that list, ConvertKit emerges as a powerful ally among its competitors.

By leveraging its features and capabilities, you can create personalized, targeted email campaigns that drive results and foster meaningful connections with your audience. So if you haven't already started building your email list, there's no better time than now to get started —and with ConvertKit by your side, the possibilities are endless.


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