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Hello Natural Health Practitioners!

Above all, are you ready to take your practice to the next level, join our Practitioner Empowerment Training!

As a result, in this program we deep dive into diseases or conditions, look at the cause, prevention and treatment on all aspects, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. In addition, we're starting Tuesday August 11th, 2023.


You missed out!

We offer business help To take your practice to The Next Level

Are you a Natural Health Practitioner that's committed to helping your clients, while successfully growing your practice professionally and financially? Certainly, if you're feeling stuck and need guidance to move forward, this training is for you. After all, a practitioners journey is one of continual learning.

Space is limited!

As a matter of fact, it's been proven that students learn faster and perform better in smaller classes so are capping the numbers. Currently we are at:

At 100% We Are Full

The top 3 things every practitioner struggles with



Confidence building when speaking to clients.

Understand fundamentals of moving client forward & earning their trust.


empowering practitioners

Understand the most powerful process of providing an effective Nutritional & Emotional Consultation.

How to bring your Restorative Body Work Treatments to a level that'll bring clarity to the mind, body, spirit connection.  

Knowing how to structure your services to give the best result for your client.


grow your practice

How to price yourself for profit so you're helping people and making money.

Discover how to bridge the gap between an Empowered Natural Health Practitioner and financial gain.

What we'll cover in the practitioner empowerment training

In detail, here are just some of the things we'll cover in our monthly meetings over the course of the year.


Client communication

Sharon has over 40 years of experience and skills in marketing and client communications. This expertise coupled with her knowledge of health and her ability to intuitively connect with her clients, will assist you in breaking the barriers that hold you back from creating the best Client/Practitioner relationship you can develop.


Practitioner Self Confidence

When you have the support system in place that assists you to develop the skill set that truly sets you apart from other Natural Health Practitioners. Your confidence will build and nothing will stand in your way of success! With Practitioner Training you will exude the confidence that will attract more clients to your business and assist your clients to reach their goals.


Live Demos

Sharon will have live demos showing how to properly do restorative body work on the most difficult body parts.


Nutritional consultation

How to price yourself for profit so you're helping people and making money. Equally important, we'll discuss how to create structure, client protocols, booking automation and value.


Emotional Consultation

Discover how to guide your clients to release the shackles that keep them chained to their dis-ease through an Emotional Consultation. You'll discover how to structure your Emotional Consultation in such a manner that you'll receive maximum results for both you and your client while streamlining your time spent in support hours and still being profitable.



Networking leads to the exchange of ideas and helps you to meet  other practitioners in your area and abroad.


Guest Speakers

Hear from top speakers in the health industry and have the opportunity to ask them questions so you can grow your practice.

  • Olja Lopushanky from Bioptron
  • Freeman from Colloidal Gold
  • Terry Mullins Ionovo from Iodine
  • Anderon from Superfoods and Detox
  • Joshua from Life Crystals
  • John from Humic/Fulvic
  • Tom from Avacen



During each meeting, practitioners will have the opportunity to ask questions they have regarding their practice, business or otherwise in a safe nurturing non-judgmental environment. 


Website tips

At last, discover the elements every practitioners website needs to have to be successful. Wether you're doing it yourself or considering hiring a web designer (or friend) - this help!



As practitioners, we come from a place of help & guidance as a result there is a huge disconnect between that and the monetary value as a result we have no idea how to market ourselves.

Our Team Members Leading The Practitioner Empowerment training

Equally important, the monthly meetings are hosted by Kinga.

Just like you, my journey started with taking better care of myself using a holistic approach. At various courses, I met many practitioners that struggled with their practice as they were sold the idea that, "opening a practice is so easy! You just need a website".

After empowering practitioners to create successful websites, structure their businesses for profit & copywriting, Sprout Your Practice was born. My goal is to help natural health practitioners - like YOU - sprout a thriving practice through website funnels.

Girl with brown hair with caramel streaks in her hair & brown eyes smiling at the camera without teeth on a yellow background


Frequently Asked Questions About The Practitioner Empowerment Training

How many meeting are included in the yearly membership?

In brief, there is a total of 18 meetings included in a yearly membership.  Here is the breakdown:

  • 1 meetings/month with Sharon & Kinga which is approximately 2 hours in length.
  • 1 meeting every other month with industry special speakers which is approximately 1 hour in length.

How many meeting are included in the monthly membership?

On the contrary to the yearly membership, there is one meeting included in the monthly membership.  Here is the breakdown:

  • 1 meetings with Sharon & Kinga which is approximately 2 hours in length.

Please note, there is an industry special guest speaker every other month so if you wanted to take advantage of this, choose a month with a special guest speaker.

  • 1 meeting every other month with industry special speakers which is approximately 1 hour in length.

What if i miss a meeting?

Even if you miss a meeting for whatever reason, you can catch up by watching the recording. In light of this, all participants need to sign a video release otherwise we cannot post these recordings. 

how can i access the recordings?

By all means, if you wanted to access the recordings, they'll be available to rewatch through a private portal. You can also view all the recordings and worksheets from previous meetings. The login and password will be granted once you fill out the application, get approved and pay for the training. In general, the recordings will be availably in within 48 hours after the training.

DO YOU OFFER A GUARANTEE? What if i don't like the training you provide?

Absolutely! Being that Sharon & Kinga feel confident this practitioner empowerment training will take you to take your practice to the next level. As soon as you purchase a membership, attend the first month and discover this is not for you, we'll gladly refund your money.

If I purchase a yearly meeting, do i get a discount?

In short, yes! If you purchase a yearly membership you save over 25% ($567)! A monthly membership is $189/month.

why are you allowing only 10 participants?

Most compelling evidence shows that in smaller groups, there is more interaction and ensures everyone gets their questions answered. For this reason, we are limiting the space to ten participants.

Why is there an application process?

In the long run, we want to make certain everyone is a good fit with the group and committed to growing their practice.  This is a place where we learn, and share our experiences including our challenges and successes. By having an application process, it ensures every attendee is engaged in empowering themselves as well as others. Given these points, we want to ensure you are a good fit for the group.

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Join the monthly practitioner empowerment training 

  • 1 - 2 Hour Monthly Meeting
  • 1 Hour Special Guest Presentations 





Join the yearly practitioner empowerment training

  • 12-2 Hour Monthly Meetings
  • 16-1 Hour Special Guest Presentations

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